What happens if I am accused of an academic integrity violation?

You will be contacted by an Academic Integrity Monitor (AIM) to discuss the alleged violation. If the AIM determines sufficient evidence exists, then your case will be forwarded to the All-University Academic Integrity Board (AUAIB), who will make a decision regarding your case. If you contest the allegations or sanction, you will have the opportunity to meet with a representative from the Academic Initiatives and Integrity office to discuss the process and your rights prior to the Board hearing.

Will I be allowed to plead my case before the All-University Academic Integrity Board?

If you are at risk of suspension, expulsion, or loss of scholarship due to an academic integrity violation, you will be allowed to participate in the All-University Academic Integrity Board (AUAIB) hearing. If you do not meet this criteria, you may request permission, and at the AUAIB's discretion, you may or may not be permitted to participate. All students, however, are granted the opportunity to provide a written statement and meet with an AUAIB member prior to the hearing.

I don't agree with the All-University Academic Integrity Board's decision. Can I appeal?

Yes. Within 5 business days of the transmittal of the AUAIB's decision you may submit an appeal. Further information will be provided in your decision letter.

Who serves on the All-University Academic Integrity Board? Can I serve?

The AUAIB (consisting of faculty and students) is a prestigious volunteer opportunity and a great way to get involved and serve the campus. The AUAIB is responsible for reviewing contested allegations of academic dishonesty and contested sanctions referred by the Academic Integrity Monitor. We put a call out for student board members each Spring semester. If you're interested in serving, you may fill out an application located under forms on this page. 

It was an honest mistake!

Intent does not matter. As a University of Arkansas student you are expected to know and comply with the Academic Integrity policy. For example, if you struggle with knowing how to use proper citation when writing a paper, set up an appointment with the Quality Writing Center for assistance.

What should I do if I know that someone has cheated?

You should report the incident immediately to your instructor or the Academic Initiatives and Integrity office.

Can I check my own paper in SafeAssign?

Yes, see our SafeAssign for Students page for instructions.

Will a violation appear on my transcript?

A Level 1 violation (0.5 sanction point) will not result in a notation on your transcript. A Level 2 violation or higher (1.0-3.0 sanction points) will result in an XF for the course and is noted on your transcript indicating that an academic integrity violation occurred. After meeting certain criteria, undergraduate students are able to petition to have the "X" removed from their transcript, see section III of the Sanction Rubric for details. The option to remove an X from the transcript is not available to graduate students.

Will I be suspended or expelled for a violation?

There is potential for suspension if sanction points accrued reach 1.5-2.5. Students are immediately and permanently expelled if found responsible for a Level 3 violation or if sanction points reach 3.0.

Can I sell my notes to Study Soup or similar companies?

In short: No. Many faculty on campus view their class notes as intellectual property. Selling these notes will violate intellectual property rights and copyright laws. Furthermore, these companies entice students to make money by selling their notes. What they don't disclose, is that you have to reach certain milestones before you ever make any money.  One such milestone is to post pictures of exams.  This is a direct violation of the Academic Integrity policy and can result in a Level 2 violation and an XF in the course.

The Office of Academic Initiatives and Integrity strongly encourages students NOT to get involved with these companies. Before you do, please contact our office at 479-575-5229.