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Through the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Academic Initiatives and Integrity strives to create a culture of honesty and personal and professional responsibility among University of Arkansas students, faculty, and staff. As a community of scholars we uphold academic integrity as foundational to appropriate conduct within the university setting. Academic Initiatives and Integrity manages outreach efforts for policy education and facilitates the University’s process for alleged violations with the All-University Academic Integrity Board.


Karen Hodges: Executive Director/Deputy Title IX Coordinator


  • Ph.D. in English, major field linguistics, University of Arkansas
  • B. A. in English with teaching certification, Pfeiffer College (NC)

Life's journey - Dr. Hodges is an actual native Floridian who grew up in the urban southeast, such as Atlanta and Charlotte. Professionally, she has served as a faculty member and/or academic administrator at Old Dominion University, the University of North Carolina - Charlotte, NorthWest Arkansas Community College, and the University of Arkansas

Hobbies: Dr. Hodges hobbies include dancing - ballet and classical Spanish, learning MineCraft from a special six-year-old, and removing persistent weeds from her rock garden

Quote: "Life's most persistent and urgent question is 'what are you doing for others?'" (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Hannah Johnson: Administrative Analyst


  • B.A. in Sociology, University of Arkansas

Hannah grew up in a small community in Northwest Arkansas.  She came to the University of Arkansas as a freshman in the spring semester of 2004.  Shortly thereafter she began working part-time on campus. She accepted her first full-time position in 2006 while continuing to pursue her degree until 2014 when she graduated. 

Hobbies: Hannah's hobbies include raising and riding horses, performing on her equestrian drill team: The Regulators,  following her children to all of their sporting and equestrian events, and enjoying the warm Arkansas summers.

Quote: "I raise up my voice not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. We cannot succeed when half of us are held back." (Malala Yousafzai)

James "JD"  DiLoreto: Graduate Assistant


  • Ph.D. candidate in Public Policy, University of Arkansas
  • Masters in Public Administration and Non-Profit Studies, University of Arkansas
  • Bachelors in Political Science, University of Massachusetts Boston
JD grew up in a small, exurban town northwest of Boston, Massachusetts. He came to Northwest Arkansas in 2013 and accepted a position in the Bumpers College Office of External Relations. Soon thereafter, he began to work on his Master’s Degree. His research focused on administration within higher education with a further focus on Title IX as it relates to sexual assault on college campuses. He plans to further these studies as a student within the University of Arkansas’s Public Policy doctoral program, while also conducting research within the University’s Sexual Health Lab.

Hobbies: JD’s hobbies include being an avid Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots fan, reading, traveling, and spoiling his two dogs, Brady and Nera.


Quote:"Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” (Senator Robert F. Kennedy)