Academic Integrity Resources


Within 5 working days of discovering the incident you should submit an Academic Integrity Allegation Evidence Form.

With the support of your department chair, within 5 working days you may submit a Faculty Appeal of AIM's Recommendation to Dismiss to Academic Initiatives and Integrity.

Despite the overwhelming proof you may have, the student must be allowed to stay and complete their exam. You may relocate them or the students around them to different areas of the classroom or test center. If they are using unauthorized material (e.g. a cheat sheet, notebook, etc.), immediately confiscate the materials.  Within 5 business days, submit the Academic Integrity Allegation Evidence Form.

No. The University's policy is in place to ensure that all alleged violations are handled consistently and that students' rights are protected throughout the process. Further, the University tracks all reported incidents a student is involved in, so it may be that a student you catch cheating has done this on other occasions and therefore, needs to be held accountable. The policy is also in place to protect our faculty by allowing an Associate Dean of the college to address the matter on your behalf.

If after further investigation you find that some or all of the paper was not cited properly or is not the student's work, you should submit an Academic Integrity Allegation Evidence Form.

Academic Honesty Syllabus Statement

Faculty are encouraged to include these statements on their syllabus:

As a core part of its mission, the University of Arkansas provides students with the opportunity to further their educational goals through programs of study and research in an environment that promotes freedom of inquiry and academic responsibility. Accomplishing this mission is only possible when intellectual honesty and individual integrity prevail.

Each University of Arkansas student is required to be familiar with and abide by the University's 'Academic Integrity Policy' at honesty.uark.edu/policy. Students with questions about how these policies apply to a particular course or assignment should immediately contact their instructor.

Unauthorized Use and Distribution of Class Notes (syllabus statement):

Third parties may attempt to connect with you to buy your notes and other course information from this class. I will consider distributing course materials to a third party without my authorization a violation of my intellectual property rights and/or copyright law as well as a violation of the U of A’s academic integrity policy. Continued enrollment in this class signifies your intent to abide by the policy. Any violation will be reported to the Office of Academic Initiatives and Integrity.

Please be aware that such class materials that may have already been given to such third parties may contain errors, which could affect your performance or grade. Recommendations for success in this course include coming to class on a routine basis, visiting me during my office hours, connecting with the Teaching Assistant (TA), and making use of CLASS+. If a third party should contact you regarding such an offer, I would appreciate your bringing this to my attention. We all play a part in creating a course climate of integrity.